Our 6 Best Skincare Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

Our 6 Best Skincare Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

Gifiting season is upon us and our best skincare gifts are here to make holiday shopping much easier. Whether you’re getting something for a newbie or your friend with a shelfie that would put a skinfluencer to shame, our clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products are sure to be a hit. 

Don’t know where to start? That’s no problem. We’ve made it easy for you, rounding up some of our best skincare products which aren’t just loved by us, but by you guys, too. Trust us—pick up any of these and that special someone will be thrilled when they rip off that wrapping paper. Oh, and feel free to grab some Milk goodies for your own stash while you’re at it.

Sunshine Oil

For a dewy complexion during the driest months of the year, roll on our Sunshine Oil to recapture that summer glow you’re missing. Packed with a blend of skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C and squalane, Sunshine Oil quickly absorbs to add a dose of moisture to your face. The 96% natural blend of oils (including avocado and mandarin) penetrates your skin, lending it a boost of radiance. 


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Cooling Water 

POV: you got up 15 minutes past your alarm, you’re still drowsy as heck, but you want to look awake by the time you get to the office. That’s where our Cooling Water comes in. Swipe on your under eye area as you get ready and let it work its magic. It’s made with caffeine to reduce the look of under-eye puffiness and seawater to refresh the area. Grab a full size or a mini to take with you on the go.


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Vegan Milk Cleanser

A good skincare routine starts with a cleanser, and the Vegan Milk Cleanser is an excellent everyday option. Packed with oat milk and “Desert Milk” (our fancy word for the blend of jojoba, Kalahari melon, jojoba, baobab, and aloe vera), this gentle formula washes away all the day’s gunk without leaving behind unwanted dryness at the end. 


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Hydro Ungrip Remover + Cleansing Water and Reusable Pads

Those extra little bits of makeup left behind after cleansing might need some coaxing to come all the way off. Our Hydro Ungrip Makeup Remover + Cleansing Water will take care of it in a few easy swipes. The formula, made with natural micellar water and blue agave, gently grabs any leftover makeup or dirt from your face. Use it with our Hydro Ungrip Reusable Pads. They’re made with soft bamboo fibers that are easy on your skin—the perfect companion to the cleanser. Grab this for the person on your list who likes to wear serious makeup.


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Hydrating Oil

When winter hits, an extra layer of clothes is not all you need. Making sure your skin is moisturized is a must. Our Hydrating Oil ensures that your face and body will get all the moisture it needs through the driest, coldest season. 

Use it anywhere on your body that needs a little love. On dry, ashy elbows and ankles, in your brows, your beard—wherever. Packed with a blend of natural oils (apricot, avocado, calendula, jojoba, and orange peel), Hydrating Oil will bless anywhere you apply it with a healthy sheen. Bonus? It’s packaged in a travel-friendly stick, so you can take it everywhere with you. 


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Night in Skincare Set

The person on your list who is a homebody is going to love our Night in Skincare Set. It’s got all the basics for a foolproof skincare routine. It includes a full-size Hydro Ungrip Cleansing Balm to melt off your makeup in seconds, plus a travel size Vegan Milk Cleanser and Vegan Milk Moisturizer. It’s also got a headband so you can keep your hair out of your face as you do the easiest skincare routine ever.


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You see? You’ve got no need to worry about how you’ll fare in the holiday shopping game this season. Now go forth and claim your title as the best gift-giver ever.



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