Commissioned items produced by Spectrum Wood

Commissioned Items

In March of 2015, the gnomes were very busy in the workshop creating goblets for a group in Huntsville, Alabama. The goblets are 6 inches in height and about 3 inches in diameter. Several types of wood were used to create the goblets; ash, maple, apple and pine. The finish is walnut oil and a food safe polyurethane/mineral spirits.

What follows is an image of the 20 goblets that were shipped to Huntsville.

20 Goblets

To view a larger image of the goblets, right click on the image and from the menu select Open Image in New Tab then left click on the new tab at the top of the diplay. To return to this page, close the tab.

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Off To School

The Spectrum Wood gnomes are in school. They have decided to learn how to cook.

That is stretching the truth a bit, some works produced by the gnomes in the workshop are in

The Little City Cooking School, a cooking school located near Dayton, Ohio.

To see Chef Jo and the staff of WDTN TV in Dayton using the cutting boards, click on any of the following links.

Demonstration #1

Demonstration #2

Demonstration #3

Demonstration #4

Cutting boards and cellars (small bowls) for salt and pepper are used by the students taking classes at the school.

The following are examples of the cutting boards and the salt and pepper cellars.

Salt and Pepper Cellars Cutting Boards


Can you locate the cutting boards and the cellars in the pictures taken during classes at the school?

CookingSchool CookingSchool

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In The Movies

Spectrum Wood is in the movies, well really one movie.

Goblets created in the Spectrum Wood workshop are appearing in an award winning movie.

What follows are a couple of the still images from the movie and links to where more information may be obtained about the movie.

Movie Logo and Award

Note the goblets on the table. All of the goblets used in the movie were created in the Spectrum Wood workshop.

Movie Image 1 Movie Image 2

More information about the movie may be obtained from the

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod website..

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If you would like to enquire about making a specific item, click on the following button to send an email to the head gnome of Spectrum Wood. Include a general description, approximate size and any specific or unique details.

Or if that did not work, enter the following into your email To: line.

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Chalice Carrying Cases

Commissioned Items

In 2016 and 2019, the gnomes were asked if they would design and construct carrying cases for the chalices of newly ordained priests in the Catholic Church. The image above is the chalice carrying case constructed in 2019. Below is an image of the inside of the carrying case with the mockup of the chalice. The mockup was turned to mimic the dimensions of the gold chalice that now resides in the carrying case.

Jeff's chalice case Jeff's chalice case

Right click on any of the images and select the Open Image in New Tab left click on the new tab at the top of tthe screen to see a larger image of the item.